• SEO Trends and Strategies to Watch in 2019:



    Over the years, the marketing strategy has changed a lot and it has continuously changed the way how it has been before. SEO plays a crucial role in having a great marketing strategy.



    However, the internet is the best medium where marketing is the most effective. For the best SEO Services in Scarborough and SEO Services in Canada, there are some trends and strategies that matter in the development of your business.



    In March 2016, Googe has started to rank a website based on the user experience for mobile devices. A website is first made for the desktop screen but if a site has the desktop as well as the mobile version, then the mobile version is indexed.



    Hence, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, then you need to take the right measures.



    In 2019, the voice search SEO becomes so important that 20% of queries are being searched over voice. People are now likely to enquire something over voice by asking questions instead of a statement.



    So, it is important to learn about your customers and know how would they ask for your product. In order to meet their expectations, you need to use Answer tool. This helps to understand how the users are asking questions with voice search based on your keyword.


    Additional SEO Strategies for 2019:



    You can also use long-tail keywords to have better click-through rates. In addition, you can add a FAQ page which helps your website increase high-quality traffic.



    Page Speed has become one of the important factors that Google considers to rank your website. So, along with relevant content, your website needs to have a high page loading speed to get priority in SERP(Search Engine Result Page).



    Quality content has become the main factor for the success of your website. These days Google and other search engines are making their algorithms in a different way. They can easily spectate which content is poor and which has qualities. Therefore, your website needs to feature quality pieces of content to attract more audiences.



    Apart from these, there are other strategies that are trending in 2019 which include the use of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Multichannel SEO, Featured Snippets, etc. These SEO trends are very beneficial in the growth and development of your business.

    Why SEO is Important for your Website?

    According to a report by MarketingProfs, search engine results drive 43% of website traffic. Apart from that, SEO also provides 85% more traffic in comparison to pay-per-click(PPC).



    These results indicate how SEO plays a role in making a website perfectly optimized to gain more attention. Despite other marketing campaigns, SEO is the most relevant and powerful marketing strategy for the growth of the company.

    Building your Brand

    Brand building helps an organization to get recognized its name and logo with a positive reputation. Digital marketing with SEO can help a business to capitalize.



    Consumers use the internet to search for products and services which make them feel relevant and informative.



    A strong online presence of your business attracts more audiences, thus making it easier to build your brand. A perfectly SEO optimized site presents your site in such a way to enhance recognition and leads.

    Mobile-Friendly Website Boost Searches

    In the previous section, we have already discussed that people tend to search for something on mobile devices rather than on the desktop. SEO strategy includes making your website mobile-friendly, so that it can boost your web traffic.



    In March 2016, Google rolled out for mobile-first-indexing.

    Increase the Chances of Traffic becoming Leads

    A perfect SEO strategy focuses on understanding what the customer wants and demands. Based on that, the SEO analysts make a strategy to fulfill those needs. However, SEO increases the scope of becoming your web traffic to prospective leads.



    Better content leads to engage more visitors which leads to more sales funnel easily.

    Insight into your Customers

    You may hear about the Google Analytics tool that tracks web traffic. One can easily track the traffic on his website by the data and metrics that the tool provides.



    Moreover, this data gives you insight into your customer behavior: how they search, what language they use, how much time they stay active, the region, etc.



    SEO strategy includes using the Google Analytics tool to understand more about their customers. This is done in order to make the right decision and employ the best business strategy.

    All your Needs will Meet Here; Get the Best SEO Services

    We hope we are able to clear all the aspects related to SEO and its importance for the development of your business.



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